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Sandi Hunter on August 6th, 2010

UPDATE: I’ve spoken with several ClickBank executives and this product is looking like one of the biggest launches in CB history. Affiliates are gobbling it up and the results are amazing. This is a totally NEW marketing outlet, the Iphone — and it arrivess just in time when many outlets for ClickBank marketing seem to […]

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Sandi Hunter on July 13th, 2010

We have reviewed a number of these online "money-making" programs and sniff around them with scepticism till we delve in and can assess for ourselves. When asked to review Rapid Automated Income we treated this program like all others with a raised eyebrow and a ‘let’s see" attitude. Like a lot of these programs, the […]

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We hear from a lot of customers who don’t like all the typing involved with running an online business. Many people starting to work from home are at an age where typing is not easy or familiar. If you fall into this category you might want to look at “Dragon Naturally Speaking 10“. This is […]

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