Worldprofit Bootcamp II Modules, Added now to Member Area

Great news for Worldprofit Bootcamp Graduates!

Learning Module 1 is now posted for all Graduates who are in Bootcamp II.

Here’s what you get in Worldprofit’s Bootcamp II

1. George Kosch’s video showing you how to maximize the money you can make with the Reseller’s Club and your Silver/Platinum Package!

2. Special Bonus – How To Make Money In Under 30 Days (This video is specially made for Newbies)

We are working hard on making this the most incredible graduate course ONLINE ANYWHERE!!! For those of you in Worldprofit’s Bootcamp I, keep working hard each and every day to graduate. Worldprofit Bootcamp Graduates will get well over $1000 of products and course materials, so stay motivated!

Cost: Worldprofit Bootcamp II is FREE as long as you are a Worldprofit Silver or Platinum Package owner!

Coming soon. Another section being added to the 20+ Income Streams that will make all students and graduates a ton of money!!! And for Graduates… a surprise area!!

Stay tuned.

George Kosch, Worldprofit Bootcamp Instructor

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