Worldprofit Celebrates 15th Year in Business!

In August this year, Worldprofit Inc., celebrated our 15th anniversary.

Back in 1994, we started as a home based business ourselves. The Internet, all those years ago, was not what it is today.

We had to learn how to do things ourselves. We wrote our own “Dummies Guide to the Internet”, we were the “Dummies”. Now we share what we have learned with our friends and customers around the world who want to build their own successful home based business. What started as a small website hosting and design firm has grown to a large company that offers education, training, software, advertising and a Reseller Program to small and home based business owners.

To our friends and customers – we THANK YOU! You have helped us build better software, improve our Support System, create powerful training aids, develop a sophisticated system that is easier to use, better network our Members, and remaster our Dealership Program. We believe that a wise company learns from it’s customers. We like to hear from you, we listen to what you say and when possible integrate the best solutions. We can build the systems but it is our customers that help us build them better.

From all of us at Worldprofit, we appreciate your loyalty over the years, your feedback and your support.

~Sandi Hunter, Dr. Jeffrey Lant, George Kosch and Worldprofit Staff