10,000 Ways to Make Money from home!

Earlier this year, Worldprofit Inc., announced a partnership agreement with ClickBank. ClickBank is an online retail warehouse of 10,000+ Digital products that can be purchased and downloaded instantly online. You can promote these products – all 10,000 of them – to earn money from home using the Worldprofit system.

At Worldprofit we are all about finding ways to help you make money. The ClickBank partnership benefits Worldprofit members because:

-you can now promote the ClickBank products – all 10,000 of them as another source of income
-you can use the Worldprofit system to promote the products by emailing to your newsletter, your Prospect manager, the Safelists, the Traffic Exchanges, Read-4-Cash and ALL the other advertising resources we have for you in your Member area
-remember even though you are using the Worldprofit system to promote the ClickBank products YOU keep 100% of the sales you earn!
-all of the above is INCLUDED in your Silver or Platinum Membership.

Due to the popularity of ClickBank with our members, Worldprofit just released the new CLICK BANK STORE PLUGIN. On request we can install the entire 10,000+ ClickBank store in YOUR Silver or Platinum website for a minor labour fee. Now you have that many more things to sell and earn money from using your Silver or Platinum website. For more information on this additional stream of income, login to your member center and click on the left menu on “CB Plugin”.

If you are not a current Worldprofit customer, or used ClickBank in the past without success, let us help you. We have heard from a lot of people who like ClickBank but struggled with how to market the products, we offer this help using our proven effective marketing system.

Want more info? Email Sandi at sandi@worldprofit.com

Sandi Hunter
The Home Business Experts, Worldprofit.com