Enhanced Training for Small & Home-Based Businesses from Worldprofit Inc.

“Why do so many home-based entrepreneurs fail online? They have NEVER been trained for success. Now they can get the training they desperately need.” says George Kosch, Worldprofit Director of Technology and training specialist.

Founded in 1994, Worldprofit has for 5 years now, under the leadership of George Kosch, offered the successful “Millionaire Bootcamp” training course. This self-paced 7-step course guarantees that its graduates will make money online – if they don’t – they don’t graduate!

Recently Kosch remastered Worldprofit’s flagship product, the Silver package, to add enhanced emphasis on training entrepreneurs how to develop free and low-cost traffic solutions. Survey results indicated that every single entrepreneur polled wanted “as much information as possible” about maximizing traffic for minimum cost. ” That,” said Kosch, “is exactly what we’re giving them!” The result is “Millionaire Bootcamp II”. In this advanced second half of the Bootcamp Training George reveals to participants how to profit from popular sites like MySpace, Yahoo, Google, Twitter and the exact tools and strategies to use to do so. Technology and trends are constantly changing and thus the Bootcamp Training has to be current so Members enjoy maximum benefit. Bootcamp Training II is included as part of the Worldprofit Silver and Platinum package membership as an added value. The tools and resources delivered in the Bootcamp Training can be applied to ANY online business which is what makes the training so popular with home business owners.

As Worldprofit President Sandi Hunter noted, “George Kosch is the ideal person to perform this enhanced training. He is not only knowledgeable about the technology, but he is a patient, thorough instructor. He’s the best!” Director of Technology at http://www.worldprofit.com/ for 15 years, Kosch started his training career as a Captain in the Canadian Air Force. There he trained jet pilots in how to fly high-performance air craft. Now, he trains home-based entrepreneurs and small business operators in both live seminars and recorded podcast videos, supplemented by cutting-edge written materials and instructions. “The results are stunning,”
Hunter says. “People who despaired about getting the traffic they need, find George’s practical solutions give it to them predictably, consistently. I can tell you his seminars are ALWAYS packed!”

About Worldprofit. Worldprofit Inc., was founded in 1994 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and specializes in resources for small and home based business owners. As a recognized Internet Services provider, Worldprofit has offered domain hosting, website design and software development for nearly fifteen years. Worldprofit also maintains a large and active Resellers Club, offering a steady-stream of cutting-edge Internet business and wealth materials.

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