Worldprofit Bootcamp Training Now Includes Desk Top Sharing Making It Even Easier For Members to See EXACTLY How to Build Their Home Business

Today Worldprofit just added a new feature to our Live Bootcamp Training session to make it even easier for Members to follow along to see exactly what they need to do to build traffic and build revenue. George Kosch, Worldprofit Bootcamp Instructor today integrated Desk Top Sharing so viewers could see for themselves the tasks that generate traffic and lead to sales.

Those folks who were lucky enough to attend the 90 Minute Live training watched as George…

-walked Members through the Associate member and how offers are used to stimulate sales of a variety of products
-revealed the Silver/Platinum Member areas and all the features, resources and tools at your fingertips
-showed how using Roboform not only saves you time but makes you incredibly more efficient
-Demonstrated how easy it is to post to Safelists, takes minutes!
-Shared with Members the BEST ways to generate traffic!
-Revealed the Resellers Products that help build your traffic and easily market your site
-Showed how Worldprofit sends out mailings with YOUR ID, embeds YOUR ID in the Landing Pages, and ClickBank products you’ve registered for as a vendor
-Overviewed the Read-4-Cash system and how Sponsored Ads appear with YOUR ID, and how you earn $ from advertising revenues
-Illustrated how Members can add their own Affiliate Code to their Silver or Platinum sites.
-How Worldprofit relies on user feedback to make our system more user friendly and profitable for our Members
-Shared the Commission Table so Members see how they can earn 5 – 80% commission and bonuses
-Demonstrated a highly effective tool for dominating Google’s first page with they keywords of your choice.
-Answered questions from Members who are new to our program or who have been part of Worldprofit for years
-Provided an overview of the Landing Pages – critical for lead generation
-Explained the Worldprofit FastTrack Lead program and how we run the ads and email you leads instantly!

If you missed today’s live event, it was recorded and will be posted to the Member area later today. Try to attend next week’s live training program to get the most of this unique live training experience. Details and times are posted in The Member area.

Here are some comments from our valued customer’s following today’s live training event.

Raymond Delworth : awesome – thank you for time management tips!!!
Connie Thomas CEC: thank you
Arvell Lewis CEC: awesome
Frank Brown MCEC: Thanks George!
Janice Stewart : thank you
Arvell Lewis CEC: doing this alone is crazy… you made it ez
Arvell Lewis CEC: bring it on! gotta learn is all any way.
Claudette Breton CEC: Thank you George, you are the best
Sue or Shawn CEC: Thank you For the Awesome Lesson on Robo Form . It does much more than I thought
James Bass : thanks
Maria Smiley MCEC: Thank you
Raymond Delworth : thanks so much george awesome
Rev. Annette Lacey MCEC: Thanks George