Worldprofit Dealers LOVE the NEW ClickBank Promo Kit!

Worldprofit Silver and Platinum Members are telling us they love the new ClickBank Promo Kit!

We’ve got to thank ClickBank for putting together such an awesome inventory of Digital products that are in huge demand. Only problem is promoting those products is time consuming and labour intensive. So after partnering with ClickBank, we listened to our customers, and have included a new feature in our Worldprofit Silver and Platinum Packages so it is faster, easier and more profitable to pitch ClickBank products. Now Silver and Platinum members can use their Newsletter, and Prospect Manager to promote these products easily and see revenue faster. How? With Worldprofit’s new ClickBank Promo Kit.

We’ve included the THREE CRITICAL MUST-HAVES for profiting online

1) Lead Capture
2) Compelling Marketing Copy AND
3) an Engine for the promotion.

The software tools and dozens of advertising resources in the Silver and Platinum package are the vehicle, add to this the professional marketing materials we have included and you are on your way to building your online business.

Thank you to those smart Worldprofit dealers who jumped on this right away and helped us get out some of the bugs in the ClickBank Promo Kit. We were excited to get this in your hands, and you were eager to help us perfect it – thank you for your help! Remember: the new ClickBank Promo Kit is FREE to all Worldprofit Silver and Platinum Members. We could have charged for this but we want to keep increasing the value of the Silver and Platinum Membership.

Here is some of the feedback we have received since releasing the ClickBank Promo Kit just yesterday!

–> I love the new Clickbank system. Thanks to all of the tech support people, and George.

–> It is impossible NOT to make money with this system!–> I continue to be blown away by Worldprofit and I’m so happy as a customer. Now, Clickbank products are easy to sell with my silver package.

–> Just when I thought you guys at Worldprofit had everything covered and all the puzzle pieces I need to build my online business, you bring out this ClickBank Promo Kit! Thanks for caring about us little guys long after we made our intitial purchase to keep the services you offer fresh, current and profitable. You guys rock.

–> Thank goodness! A real time saver and something that is easy even for non-techies like me. Thanks Worldprofit.

–> I’ve always seen the value of both ClickBank and Worldprofit but now I see better how the two fit together and more importantly how I make money with both! Enough talk, I am off to use this – thanks George!

Worldprofit Members login to your Member area to access the ClickBank Promo Kit. Be sure to attend the LIVE BOOTCAMP TRAINING SESSION each Friday. George Kosch reveals how YOU can use this tool and ALL the tools in the Worldprofit Silver and Platinum Memberships to build YOUR successful home based business.

That’s it for now. Watch for more updates as we at Worldprofit continue to research and develop effective home business systems that put money in your pocket.

Sandi Hunter