Worldprofit Introduction

Worldprofit now in its 15th year of business, started on a kitchen table in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Canadians George Kosch and Sandi Hunter teamed up with American marketer and author, Dr. Jeffrey Lant to create what is today one of the most popular Home Business Systems. (

Back in 1994 when Worldprofit started as a company, the Internet was not what it was today. Our first website was black text on a white background, it was not possible to create anything more elaborate in those days. As we were starting out and there was no “Dummies Guide” to the web, we had to wade in, fall flat, make mistakes, and continue to learn on our own. We’re glad we did though because over the years we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work. We also undertand that in the online world, what was effective a few years ago may not be now so we continue to improve, upgrade and stay ahead for the benefit of our Members.

We understand the frustration that every new entrepreneur experiences when they try to build an online business. In creating the Worldprofit Home Business Success System we have integrated for our Members, a comprehensive program that provides technical support, software solutions, marketing support, and our unique bootcamp training program. In short, we have integrated into one package all of the tools we think are critical to the success of anyone who is willing to work to succeed with their own online business.