Worldprofit FEATURED Member Profile: Meet Glen Palo

Worldprofit Member Spotlight is a popular platform attracting people from all walks of life from all around the world with an interest in starting and growing their own online affiliate marketing business.

Here we feature one of our long time loyal Platinum VIP Members, Mr. Glen Palo.

As someone who has some experience in the affiliate marketing business his words of wisdom are helpful to both newbies to the industry and those who’ve been around the block a few times.

Q: Tell us a little about you Glen.

I have a great wife, five kids, nine grandkids, and two great-granddaughters. I am a husband, brother, uncle, father, grandfather, great-granddad, and friend. Also, I am a Christian, world traveler, U.S. Navy veteran, work-at-home entrepreneur, and mentor, to mention a few other things.

Q: How would you describe the kind of Affiliate marketer you are? Example, part-timer, dabbler, serious, savvy, techie, junkie, experienced, etc.

I am an experienced, full-time marketer. When I say "full-time," I don’t mean I exchanged a job for an eight or 9-hour job working from home. I am the Work-When-I-Want-To kind of full-time marketer.

Q: Can you tell us how you found Worldprofit?

I initially found Worldprofit years ago when I was looking for free traffic to promote my online business and blog. I signed up as a free associate in 2016.

Q: What first attracted you to the Worldprofit platform that convinced you to become an upgraded Platinum VIP member?

I looked seriously at Worldprofit in 2019 when I assessed my business costs (hosting, email management system, ad tracking, lead pages, graphics, and training.) It was a no-brainer decision to consolidate my requirements with one vendor and use the Worldprofit business tool suite.

Q: Can you share the resources, software, tools you use/ enjoy most in your Worldprofit Membership?

The Worldprofit resources are remarkable. I use free traffic sources like promo codes, ad stream board, email blasters, etc. I like and use the Graphics Studio to create banners and graphics for advertising and lead capture pages. I also use the autoresponder that comes with the Platinum VIP membership. I canceled my Aweber autoresponder account as I no longer needed it and saved a bundle.

Q: Are you involved in a number of Affiliate marketing programs? If so how many?

5 Affiliate programs. I use my Worldprofit platform, tools, software and training to promote all of them as well as referring business to Worldprofit to earn commission.

Q: How does Worldprofit help you promote all your affiliate marketing programs

Worldprofit has time-saving tools that help me build my programs. I use the Jit Bit auto text tool daily and the Link Magic tool almost daily. In addition, I use the monthly Traffic Injection to promote my affiliate links. The number of tools available within Worldprofit is without peers.

Q: You’ve been a Worldprofit Member for many years; what KEEPS you here?

I stay with Worldprofit because I have a single point of contact should I need support for the tools I use. For example, before joining Worldprofit, if I had problems with hosting, autoresponders, or graphics, I had to go to different service providers for resolution and would get some support or no support from other companies.

Q: What tips, strategies, suggestions do you have for someone considering becoming a Member at Worldprofit?

Be open-minded, willing to learn, and ready to implement what you have learned.
I started online in 1996 and have seen businesses come and go. I have learned the hard way to go with established, proven companies. Such companies have the experience and resources to weather business downturns.

Q: What is something you know now about Affiliate marketing that you wish you knew a long time ago?

It took me way too long to be myself. Learning how to do things yourself is essential, and not relying on cookie-cutter or done-for-you solutions is critical.

Q: Anything else you care to share about you, about affiliate marketing, or your journey with Worldprofit?

Affiliate marketing is rewarding if you have a winning attitude and are willing to do the work. However, it takes an action mindset to get started and go out and get it done instead of waiting for success to come to you.
It also helps knowing I have everything I need in one place at Worldprofit and the help and support is there whenever I need it.

To learn more about how Glen and Worldprofit can help you start and grow your own successful affiliate marketing business, contact:

Glen Palo