Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 31 March 2023

Recap of March 31 LIVE Affiliate Marketing training with George Kosch CEO of Worldprofit.com

Spring is here! Fresh start!
Welcome all our new SIlver and Platinum VIP Members – you’ve made a smart decision for the growth of your affiliate marketing busness!
Login, start the training, Lesson 3 is VITAL to your success. Don’t skip it. Doesn’t matter how much or how little experience you have, Lesson 3 is essential.

Featured Training Topics and Worldprofit Member Services

Promotion: What you need to know and do to get leads, signups in any Affiliate marketing program you are involved in.
How to use Worldprofit training, and the software and resources in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership to start and grow your successful business.

Lead Generation: Not all lead are equal. Know the difference.
Platinum VIP Members where and how to download your 100 included MONTHLY leads. This is an EXTRA value to VIP Members worth $35 EVERY month.
Need more leads? How to purchase at a discounted rate reserved for Worldprofit Members only.

NEW! We just added a new ready to use Landing Page to your Ad Examples / Landing Page Library.
Use the ones we create are ready to go, or create your own customized pages using your included Worldprofit Landing Page Builder

NEW! Dall-E Image creator. Let our AI create unlimited images for you based on your description of the image you want to create!

NEW! FunChat with our AI chat system based on GPT tech. Again, FREE for all Silver/Platinum VIP members.

NEW! Password changer now open for all members. Change your login password anytime!

NEW! We’ve added a PAGE BUILDER to your INCLUDED Website Management System. HELP video will be recorded in the next 24 hours to help you get started.

Worldprofit AI with ChatGPT – how to access this INCLUDED service, how to use it for best results, perfect prompts and more
Save time, save money by using this service for all your content, marketing materials, promotion campaigns, so powerful!
No need to hire anyone, or buy ChatGPT gadgets that do 1/100 of what Worldprofit AI with ChatGPT does.

HOW TO: DEMO: How to use Worldprofit’s new Dall-E Image creator program. It’s easy and allows you to create unlimited images and save them to your personal cloud drive.