Social Networking Sites are ULTRA-popular but how does the average business owner use these sites? Here’s how!

Anyone over 40 (common age among business owners) tends to see social networking sites like FaceBook and MySpace and Twitter as a waste of time. After all anyone running a business doesn’t have time to be posting on walls, checking out photos online, tweeting, writing on someone’s wall etc. But wait! Don’t be so quick to write off these sites as powerful tools for your business and for helping your customers.

Take some time to get familiar with these sites, get a free account it takes only a few seconds to get started. Watch what other people are saying, how other people or businesses are using the site to get traffic, generate buzz, or help customers. You can also places advertising at sites like FaceBook, and MySpace but there are many other smaller networking sites on a variety of topics. Do a search at Google for sites related to your business and interests. This will help you find targeted customers, prospective customers and other tools and services that can help you build your online presence.

You can also consider creating your own Social Networking site for your company or service so that you can interact with your customers. Having your own site allows you to connect with your customers, control content, build relationships, establish trust, respond to customer concerns, make product or service announcements, and improve on your service delivery from customer feedback.

Give Social Networking sites your attention, they are a powerful online tool that you might as well get familiar with now as they aren’t going away.

You can see an example of our company’s own Social Networking site here:

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Happy Networking!

About the Author: Dr. Jeffrey Lant is well known to millions of people worldwide from his 18 books, hundreds of articles, international media appearances and regular online webcasts, Dr. Lant is an internationally recognized author, trainer, and consultant. He is the holder of 4 university degrees, including the PhD from Harvard University. Current CEO of Worldprofit Inc., an innovative website development company specializing in webcast applications, website design, database development and e-commerce.