SEO Tactics and Traffic Generation: New Tool for Worldprofit Members just released

Sandi Hunter, has written a new Ebook exclusively for Worldprofit Silver and Platinum Members. It is all about Traffic Generation and Search Engine Optimization. Topics include Search Engine Opimization, building traffic strategies from Social Networking, and other popular sites as well as Blogs, Email marketing and more all with an angle unique to our Members using the Worldprofit Home Business Success System. We realize it is often difficult to know where to start when it comes to marketing online, and knowing where your time is best spent. We wanted to continue to assist our Members in this area with practical hands on strategies that in traditional Worldprofit style, we try and test ourselves for results, prior to delivering to our members.

In Level 1 of the Worldprofit Home Business bootcamp there is already good basic information and tools for building traffic, but for more advanced Members we wanted to offer more specialized information and specific strategies. This new Ebook has been included as a learning module in Bootcamp II. In the Ebook, I cover more advanced topics for our Members who are further long in their training, more familiar with web marketing, and very serious about building their online business.

Worldprofit Members who have completed the first Phase of Bootcamp I and have graduated from Level 8 will get access to this Ebook in Phase II as Module 6 of the Bootcamp Training. This ebook will be accompanied with recommendations for additional reading and links for access to additional learning tools. This ebook is a helpful supplement for the weekly training sessions that George Kosch offers members each and every week.

If you are a real keaner, and very serious about succeeding online, you can request the ebook from Sandi Hunter directly. We will review your Worldprofit account and see if you are ready for this information. Remember you have to learn to crawl before you learn to run.

Sandi Hunter Home Business Experts since 1994