5 Critical Keys to Creating a Landing Or Capture Page to Get the Results You Want!

Landing Pages are also called Capture Pages and sometimes Splash Pages. The purpose is always the same, to convert a reader into a lead. Landing pages are usually a few lines of copy or a pitch and a contact information form. If people are interested they fill out the form to get more details on what you have to offer. Landing pages are usually a short page that people land on when they respond to a post or advertising link you have placed online.

Put simply, people read your Landing page and are either not interested and click away or, are interested, respond and provide you with their contact information. They do this in exchange for receiving information on your offer, product or services.

We have built Landing Pages for our own purposes to promote our offers but we have also built Landing Pages for our customers. When building a Landing Page never forget your #1 purpose – to get a lead! It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are in, you need a steady supply of leads. Landing Pages are an effective way to do this and in some cases produce better results than a website. Landing Pages allow you to target a specific niche with a very specific offer while most websites are usually more generic in focus and broad reaching. Both a website AND Landing pages should be part of your marketing strategy

These are the 5 Critical Points you MUST include in your Landing Page if you are going to actually get results.

Critical Point # 1 when building a Landing Page
Copy. Use short punchy copy that is heaping with benefits for the reader. Tell people what they are going to get in simple easy to understand terms, make an offer, put value on the offer, limit the offer. Talk directly to the reader with the wording you use.

Example of good copy:

“Our 32 Page Report Tells YOU in Step-By-Step Detail exactly how to get 50,000 Visitors to your website! $29.95 Value! FREE but you MUST act now to get this limited offer!”

Example of poor copy:

“Fill out this form and we will send you a report with information on getting traffic. “

Critical Point # 2 when building a Landing Page

Limit use of graphics. If you do use graphics make sure they are fast loading and only used to emphasize your message. Graphics should be colorful, theme related, and direct the eye to your copy. Graphics and copy should work together to motivate a response.

Critical Point # 3 when building a Landing Page

Include a contact form. Some people don’t include a form on their Landing Page, you MUST have a form.Building an online business means building a mailing list of interested people. If you don’t collect the contact details of your prospects you are wasting your time and throwing away a valuable marketing advantage.

Critical Point # 4 when building a Landing Page

Include an Offer. Don’t TELL on your landing page, SELL on your landing page. Sell the fact that you have something that the buyer wants, something they must have and must get today! Give them the benefits of what the product or service is to motivate action, do this with an offer. Buy this and get that. Buy now, save $ etc. Make your offer interesting, something they simply can’t refuse.

Critical Point # 5 when building a Landing Page

Placement. If you are going to make your Landing Page longer than one screen, make sure all your critical information and attention getting copy is on the top of the page so it doesn’t get missed. Remember when your English teacher said leave your most powerful points till the end of your essay? Not true, when creating marketing copy. Put your most powerful words and pitch at the very top of the page, drive home the points later on, then yes close with power but make sure the top of your page, the part that loads first is going to draw people in to actually get them to read to the bottom of your page.

There you have it, take these key marketing points down, and make sure to include them when creating your Landing pages.

Author: Sandi Hunter, The Home Business Experts at Worldprofit.com