Worldprofit News: Welcome to our newest Silver Member

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Congratulations to Worldprofit’s NEW Silver Member.

Luther, welcome to our home business and affiliate marketing program. And, welcome to our family of amazing entrepreneurs!

The Monitor who helped with this fantastic upgrade was Rev Annette Lacey. Great work!

Sandi Hunter’s Tips To Help Members Make Sales & Earn Online

ClickBank Maximizer Autoresponder System: How To Use it To Make Money

Put your Clickbank business on PROFIT-MAKING AUTOPILOT! Finally a system like the "big boys" use, the guys AND gals who make hundreds or thousands every month.

Our system is complex in function, yet so simple to use it will amaze you and catapult you to amazing profit! As you know, sending information out using the Clickbank Promo Kit is easy. However, there is one option you may not have thought was possible: What if you could have your link NOT go just to the CB product BUT to a landing page.

Essentially, we are asking the visitor to give us their name/email address to receive a very valuable BONUS gift before going on to your CB Product Promo.
This is an AMAZING lead generating system: once they enter their information they go on a very special autoresponder list.

Every 2 days your prospect lead will be sent information at random from the CB Promo Kit AUTOMATICALLY unless they opt out. Every 2 days, they will get a CB Product letter with your CLOAKED links. This includes a signature file from your PROFILE which includes your promo links. We also include a link for them to get 50,000 free visitors and much much more. That means every 2 days you are marketing EVERYTHING IN YOUR ARSENAL to those on your list –> EVERY TWO DAYS!!

There’s more…EVERY time any person visits a landing page, both the landing page and the bonus item change. Our goal is to get everyone who lands on these pages to signup and put your Clickbank business on PROFIT AUTOPILOT!

How do you use this program? Easy, send out the letters to all of your safelists in the SAME way you send out the CB Promo Kit letters. Market just as you would with the regular promo kit except the results change. How? You get leads on your CB Maximizer Autoresponse System. And, you get to see who is on and get a DAILY REPORT sent to your email of what is happening in your business.

To learn more about the CB Maximizer Autoresponse System use this link (you must be logged in for this link to work)

OR, login to your Member area, on left menu under "ClickBank Store" click on "ClickBank Maximizer."
Watch the video explaining how this system works to make you money.
The CB Maximizer is one of our MOST renewed software products, and for one good reason: it works, saves you time, makes ClickBank promotion easy.

If you need help or have any questions, submit a Support ticket. We are HAPPY to help you.