Worldprofit News: Welcome to our newest Silver Member

Worldprofit Affiliate Marketing & Hosting Services

Congratulations to Worldprofit’s NEW Silver Member.

romulus, welcome to our home business and affiliate marketing program. And, welcome to our family of amazing entrepreneurs!

The Monitor who helped with this fantastic upgrade was Rev Annette Lacey. Great work!

Sandi Hunter’s Tips To Help Members Make Sales & Earn Online

A little about Worldprofit….

Worldprofit Inc., started in 1994 on a kitchen table as a home based business in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In August 2021 we celebrate our 27th birthday.

Worldprofit Co-founders, George Kosch, and Sandi Hunter are active everyday in helping you build your online business.

Worldprofit Inc., is a long time accredited member of the Better Business Bureau maintaining an A+ Record.

Worldprofit’s Dealership program pays 20 – 80% commission for various products and services, and anything you sell that is a ClickBank product or in the Money Makers Program earns you 100% commission!

Worldprofit has over 2.6 MILLION Associate members around the world.

Worldprofit is a recognized ISP and secure hosting provider, one of the first in Alberta and one of the largest in Western Canada.

George Kosch is CEO, Co-Founder and the Director of Technology, responsible for the software and technical services that drive the Worldprofit system. He is also the Bootcamp Instructor drawing on his experience building an Internet business over the last several years, and his disciplinary training while serving as a Royal Canadian Air Force jet pilot.

George Kosch provides LIVE training every week for our Members. These sessions are interactive, and he answers questions, does demonstration and teaches our members what they need to do to earn consistent online income. He’s also developed the online lessons many with videos that members can learn from to understand all assets of online marketing and business growth. The goal is to teach you multiple streams of income, what you learn in our training can be applied to ANY online business. Training topics include traffic generation, lead tools, SEO tactics, ebook creation, article marketing, social media campaigns, content marketing, website development, target marketing, branding, online asset development, list building and more.

Sandi Hunter, is Co-Founder and President of Worldprofit Inc. Sandi is involved with research and development, customer service, service development, sales and online marketing. Sandi’s priority is working hard everyday to keep our Members happy and our company cutting edge.

Worldprofit has helped customers all over the globe build an online business, using our tools, services, advertising, hosting and software solutions. One of the most popular aspects of a Worldprofit Membership is our LIVE weekly training programs that accompany our unique online Home Business Bootcamp Training.

Worldprofit has an affiliation with ClickBank so we could offer our Dealers yet another source of income in addition to those already built into the Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Membership, The Sales Funnels, and the Money Makers Program. Worldprofit members can use our specialized software to promote the 10,000+ ClickBank Digital product warehouse to earn 100% commission on those sales and use the Worldprofit marketing system to put more money in your pocket.

Worldprofit has made it possible for our Members to have an Amazon Store installed on your site. We do the complete install for you at no extra cost and you can be on your way to earning commission from the sale of the entire Amazon inventory of products.

Worldprofit has the distinction of being the LONGEST RUNNING CONTINUAL Webcast. Our Live Business Center was brought online in 2004 and been active 24 hours a day since.

Worldprofit Inc., has a full time support team ready to assist our Members as needed 365 Days a Year. Simply complete a Support Request form from within your Member area, identifying your questions, and it is our pleasure to assist you.

It’s OFFICIAL! Worldprofit Inc., is the longest running and 1st Affiliate marketing company. (Worldprofit started 1994; Amazon 1996)

Our Members tell us that what they appreciate most about Worldprofit is that you get everything in ONE place. The training platform is based on HELP not Hype. While others make promises for a single solution to quick wealth then fade away, Worldprofit continues year after year to develop unique tested products, services, training and support 100% focused on the success of our Members. Follow the training, do the work and get the result is our mantra. This is and always has been, Worldprofit’s iron-clad, honest, direct approach to training.

Thank you for helping to make Worldprofit the #1 online home business training program year after year. We look forward to supporting you to build your own successful and profitable online business.