Worldprofit News: Welcome to our newest Silver Member

Worldprofit Affiliate Marketing & Hosting Services

Congratulations to Worldprofit’s NEW Silver Member.

George, welcome to our home business and affiliate marketing program. And, welcome to our family of amazing entrepreneurs!

The Monitor who helped with this fantastic upgrade was Daniel Fischer Dano Mktg. Great work!

Sandi Hunter’s Tips To Help Members Make Sales & Earn Online

How To Generate Leads and MORE Leads with Landing pages

We’ve added a nifty little tool called "The Landing Page Builder" to your Worldprofit Member area.
It’s easy to use, and allows you to instantly add Landing Pages to your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership website.
Landing Pages are fast loading lead capture pages with one purpose and one purpose only – to get you LEADS!
Landing pages are sometimes called SQUEEZE Pages as they squeeze the contact information from prospects who might otherwise just click off your page or site.

To access and use "The Landing Page Builder" do this.

1. Login to your DEALER MEMBER AREA.
2. On the left hand menu you will see the category "Website ManagementSystem", click on that then on "Add Landing Pages"
3. On that page you will see your instructions for how to add powerful lead generating Landing Pages to your site and bring visitors into the Member area.

When people complete the sign up form on your Landing Page, they become Associate Members sponsored by you. Those Associates you refer who upgrade to a Silver Membership earn you commission. You also earn a commission when they purchase any of our other web-based services. They also go on your list and you can send them offers for other products, services, affiliate programs, ClickBank products, the Money Makers Kit products and so forth.

You have lots of Landing Pages to choose from, add one or two, or as many as you like.

We add new Landing Pages to your Member area as we test them and monitor results.

Once you have completed the steps above, click on "Landing Pages II" under the same Category, "Website Management System". Follow the steps posted to use those too!

The Landing Pages are used to get people to signup into the Associate program with various offers.

It’s important to understand that when someone fills out a form at ANY OF THE LANDING PAGES they are signing up for Worldprofit’s FREE Associate program and are linked to you should they decide to purchase or upgrade to a Silver or Platinum VIP Membership.

Remember: George Kosch is doing a LIVE Training program every Friday so if you have any questions about the Worldprofit system, you should attend. Access info is posted to the Member area in the MESSAGE CENTER and times emailed to you in the Bootcamp Newsletter.

If you have technical questions about Landing pages or how to use the the tools in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership, submit a SUPPORT FORM. The link is in your Member area, we are happy to help you.