Congratulations to Lee Shaw who is now a SENIOR Monitor.

Congratulations to Lee Shaw who is now a SENIOR Monitor.

Thank you to Lee for stepping up to learn some new skills and to those Monitors who assisted in his training.

Lee you can schedule your own hours now using the Calendar in the Monitor section of your Member area. We look forward to seeing you on screen.

For ALL Monitors…

We have several Monitors who have some had to remove themselves from the schedule for personal reasons we ask that you check the schedule and fill in any hours you can.

Also if something comes up and you are not able to do your shift we ask that you please try to remove yourself from the schedule as soon as possible and if due to a short notice urgent matter submit a Support Ticket so we can send out an SOS.

The following are still on our list as JR MONITORS. We will be sending them a note today to see if they still intend to start or continue their training. If not they will be removed from the list of trainees.

Cosmos Parris
Daniel Rodgers
Linda Blackwell
David Todd
Wade Bednarek
Marie-Josette Calixte
Patrick DeMasi

If you see these folks in the Live Business Center please encourage them to come up for training.

Thank you to each and everyone of you for the time you volunteer to keep the Live Business Center operational 24 hours a day.