Worldprofit’s Free Reminder Service

Worldprofit’s FREE Reminder service was just updated.

Anyone who has ever forgot their spouse’s birthday or missed their daughter’s dance recital knows how important it is to remember certain important dates.

Worldprofit offers a free reminder service that will email notifications of specific dates in advance, on the day, as a single reminder or an ongoing reminder.

It’s easy and free to use.

1. Go to:
2. Enter the name of the person the reminder is for.
3. Enter email address that the reminder is to be sent to.
4. Enter the Subject line of the email
5. Enter the Message of the email with details of what it is you wish to remember.

6. Set the Reminder Date and Time.
7. Set the frequency you wish to receive the reminder, (once, weekly, monthly, yearly)

The Worldprofit Reminder System is useful for remembering single dates or recurrent events like bills etc. It can also be a useful sales tool for entry of follow up dates for prospects and customers.

Now there are no excuses for not remembering important dates! 😉