Worldprofit’s Free Video Postcards

Several years ago at Christmas, Worldprofit Inc., offered a free video postcard service for military members so they could record a video message and email it to their loved ones. The system was so successful that what was supposed to be a limited time program was continued and offered to the public at no charge.

Says Sandi Hunter, Director of Website Development at, “The feedback we received from users was tremendous! They loved the fact that by simply logging on to our website and using a simple webcamera, they could record a personalized message for their loved ones and email it instantly.” Sandi added “the site was so popular over Christmas and New Years that we enhanced the service and made it available all year round. Mother’s Day produced even more traffic as people logged on to the site to send Mom a video message.”

Sandi continued, “When we saw how much demand there was for this free service, we made a decision at that point to leave the free Video Postcards online for people to use to stay in contact with family and friends.”

Worldprofit’s free Video Postcards can be accessed at: